I never thought I’d want a tattoo.  I always thought that there wasn’t one image that meant enough to me that I would want it on me permanently.  Recently, though, I realized that there IS something that is important enough to me to get a tattoo, and that it has an image to represent it.  I would get three flowers: the state flowers of New Jersey (a violet), Minnesota (a lady’s slipper), and Florida (an orange blossom).   These are the three states I have lived in, and are so much a part of who I am.  There won’t ever be a time that these images won’t be a part of who I am.

violet, lady's slipper, orange blossom

My name is Caitlin Kling; I was born in New Jersey, lived in Minnesota for ten years, and have been living in Florida since 2005.  When I think back on my life, I always think about it in three different stages: my first memories in New Jersey, my childhood – where I “grew up” – in Minnesota, and my early adulthood in Florida.  These three parts of the United States are so different from each other, and I became a slightly different person in each of these states.  The one thing that remains constant no matter where I live is how big a part of my life literature is.  Every time I moved I would take solace in my fictional friends, and got to know my favorite authors very well.  Even when I was “the new girl” at school and in my town, I was never alone as long as there was a bookstore nearby.

The most constant truth about my life is that I require books as I require air.  In my senior year at the University of Florida, I am taking a class called Internet Literature, LIT3400.  We began the course by reading Italo Calvino’s book of memos called Six Memos for the Next Millenium, in which he discusses five qualities that any good work of literature displays (he died before writing a memo about the sixth).  In the process of digesting Calvino’s insights and applying them to pieces of literature that I have read, it has forced me also to consider what types of media I find appealing, and perhaps why.  Combining this information with the principles outlined in Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips’s Graphic Design The New Basics, I have discovered my own personal aesthetic, and in this blog attempt to define that aesthetic, discuss what is included in it, and what elements of both print and E-literature are most appealing to me.

It is always so much easier to write about things I find interesting and entertaining.  So the things I talk about in this blog are really good.  If I could, I would carry around a bunch of copies of all the books I talk about and just hand them out to people on the street.  As explained in my personal aesthetic, I think I’ve honed in on what makes these books and pieces of E-lit good to me, but the point is that they’re good.  I guess what I’m saying is if you haven’t read the stuff I talk about, I very much recommend them!  And if mentioning the books I think are great fosters discussion about other great books, then that’s the ultimate goal.  I just want to talk about good books all day, every day.

My rock stars of the Bookworld


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